Castle Butte, Saskatchewan Photo Credits Castle Butte, Saskatchewan

CIPHI is the professional association that represents Public Health Inspectors and Environmental Health Officers across Canada. The Saskatchewan Branch represents the interests of the Public Health Inspection profession and the field of Environmental Health in the province of Saskatchewan.

In Saskatchewan, Public Health Inspectors (PHIs) also called Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) or Public Health Officers can work for the federal government, provincial government, health districts or tribal councils. Saskatchewan Public Health Inspectors are responsible for delivering a comprehensive environmental health program in the community. Specific programs may include but are not limited to:

Communicable Disease Control Food Safety Water Quality
Onsite Sewage Disposal / Plumbing Housing Indoor Air Quality
Health Promotion Training and Education Tobacco Control

Using a variety of professional and technical skills Public Health Inspectors promote healthy communities through inspection activities and enforcement of federal, provincial and/or municipal regulations, by-laws and / or guidelines.